Armadillo achieves 50% sales growth with energy-saving product

Jonathan Shaw

Shipley-based structural thermal breaks specialists Armadillo has seen sales increase by 50% during 2016-17, following demand for its revolutionary solutions for the construction market that reduce energy loss through cold bridging by up to 80%.

Bolstering this increase is a double month-on-month rise in sales for the first quarter of 2017, along with a record-breaking May for the company’s product range.

The Armatherm™ product range has been developed to address all building locations that require structural load to be taken through the envelope. The material is created using an ultra-high density, closed-cell polymer that offers a high-load capacity and outstanding thermal performance. The material is inert and water resistant allowing it to be used in a variety of locations, including foundation to wall transitions, cladding fixings, column base and roof penetrations. This is a breakthrough product for the construction market which has been utilised in building projects for household names such as Aldi and the Tate Modern.

Armadillo MD Jonathan Shaw said: “With proposed legislation changes potentially coming into play next year, that will make it unlawful to let or lease a commercial property with an EPC rating of F or G, the issue of thermal performance is a real concern for the construction industry.

“Armatherm™ can rectify poorly isolated connections on existing buildings and ensure structures currently under construction are future proof. We’re really pleased with the increased demand for Armatherm™ over the last year, which we estimate will continue as the construction sector begins to meet these new challenges.”

Armadillo has provided thermal breaking solutions for high-profile projects across the world including Aldi, Whitney Art Museum in New York City, Vegas Arena, the V&A museum in Dundee and the Tate Modern