CBI urges HMRC to improve relationships with business


The CBI continues engagement with HMRC to improve Business Risk Review Model.

Over the last ten years this model has been used to assess where a large business sits on the compliance spectrum, and accordingly, how HMRC have deployed resources to man-mark large business. Since 2006, the environment has changed.

HMRC noted a decreasing trend in the use of avoidance schemes but an increase in disputes about the interpretation or application of tax law.

To help strengthen the ‘co-operative compliance’ relationship with large business, HMRC thought this was a good time to start a conversation about the Business Risk Review Model. To shift compliance behaviour, HMRC are interested to know what might influence businesses to adopt a low risk strategy, such as a quicker clearance procedure, or real-time decisions on transactions.

Separately, the CBI has been liaising with HMRC’s senior leadership team, culminating in a meeting between CBI Director general, Carolyn Fairbairn, and HMRC’s Permanent Secretaries Edward Troup and Jon Thompson.

Many large businesses have identified a deterioration in the service they experience with HMRC, citing delays or an unwillingness to provide businesses with the certainty they need to get on and do business. The CBI is keen to see a reset in the ‘co-operative compliance’ relationship, to reduce business uncertainty.