Chemex, market-leaders for 30 years

Chemex, market-leaders for 30 years
Peter Cussans

Peter Cussans took over the Lincoln and Boston franchises of Chemex International in September 2016 following the retirement of Laurence Hinde.

“Laurence has built a great business with a fantastic base,” said Mr Cussans. “By continuing to provide excellent service and superb products, I aim to build the business by offering the Chemex service to more local businesses.

“All our customers seem to have something in common – they are all passionate about giving their customers the best possible experience.”

Speaking about Chemex’s service, Mr Cussans said: “The Chemex service gives you the full package – whether it’s making sure your healthcare business is Regulation 12 compliant; your food business gets five stars, or simple things like making sure your people are trained to use products safely and efficiently, you can trust Chemex.”

The company as recently taken a new staff member on board which will help Chemex achieve yet another successful year.