Plans for Doncaster UCT progress as business leaders unite

Doncaster businesses back Yorkshire Devolution Deal
Dan Fell, CEO, Doncaster Chamber

An enhanced application for Doncaster to open a University Technical College (UTC) to deliver the skills needed in the area has been resubmitted to the Department for Education.

Business leaders are hoping for a quick decision to enable the specialist technical college to open by September 2019.

The College specialising in STEM subjects would give Doncaster teenagers the skills firms are crying out for.

The bid has the strong backing of the business, public and education sectors who recognise the need to bridge the skills gap in the borough.

The scheme – led by Doncaster Chamber – is strongly supported by Hungerhill School, XP, Doncaster College, Sheffield University, Sheffield Hallam University, the National College for Highspeed Rail, Wabtec, Keepmoat Regeneration, and DMBC.

Dan Fell, Chief Exec of Doncaster Chamber, said: “Local manufacturing, construction and rail engineering firms are regularly telling the Chamber that they are having problems with the talent pipeline for their industries.

“We have worked hard for the last two years to convince Government that this institution is a necessary addition to Doncaster’s education landscape.

“We are working with schools across the borough to provide a curriculum of technical skills that are not currently taught elsewhere. Doncaster’s economy is changing and is creating more demand for certain skills.”

The original bid was submitted last year but the Government requested more information about the scheme. The revised application includes more details on finance, educational leadership and the curriculum. Additionally, the school would increase the number of 13 to 19 year olds it would take to 750 (originally 600).

The College will work with local businesses to link Doncaster’s young people to future jobs, support inclusive economic growth and encourage social mobility.