HBP Systems’ new cyber-security accreditation gives companies the edge

Tony Pearson

Humber region computer software and solutions provider HBP Systems has become one of only 100 IT companies throughout the UK to earn accreditation for a new kind of specialist cyber security.

The company, with offices in Scunthorpe and Hull, is now a ‘Synchronised Security Partner’ for Sophos, an industry leader in security software, able to implement next generation computer security.

HBP Systems’ Operations Director Tony Pearson said: “We’ve all seen that cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent and harder to guard against. Until now ‘end-point products’ have protected individual parts of computer networks, but they haven’t worked together to protect all of a company’s data, devices, and networks from sophisticated, coordinated attacks. That’s what the synchronised approach does.”

He said synchronised security software was the next generation of protection against attacks. It works right across networks to protect all of the devices on them – servers, desktops, laptops and even mobile phones. It allows them all to communicate with each other and collaborate for mutual protection. He added: “It’s protection that makes cyber security as co-ordinated as the threats it has to deal with, giving law-abiding companies the edge over attackers.”

Last year Sophos named HBP Systems as its Solutions Partner of the Year for its work in protecting clients for the increasing threat from cyber criminals.

Said Tony: “That award underlined HBP Systems’ ability to provide the robust network security companies must have to do business safely and securely.

“Accreditation to this new Sophos standard, as one of a small number of highly-regarded industry partners, means we’ll be able to do it even more effectively. Cyber security is part of our duty of care to our clients, and a responsibility we don’t take lightly. Together our clients are a major part of the economy of this region, and deserve to have the best professional support available.

“We’re proud that Sophos trusts us to discharge that duty using their products.”