Law firm launches HR workshops for Wetherby businesses

Law firm launches HR workshops for Wetherby businesses
John Robinson, a partner in Clarion’s employment team

Leeds law firm Clarion is launching a series of quarterly forums for business and HR managers and owners in and around Wetherby.

The workshops will provide an opportunity to network, receive quality updates on various employment/HR issues, as well as to seek legal advice from Clarion’s employment law team at an employment law surgery.

The first breakfast forum will take place later this month in Wetherby with John Robinson, a partner in Clarion’s employment team, talking about the impact of social media in the workplace – something which affects every business these days.

Following the seminar, the Clarion employment team will run an employment law surgery to address any specific HR/employment law issues facing the delegates.

Mr Robinson said: “Employing staff is notoriously one of the most difficult parts of running a business and there’s no doubt that it is an extremely complex area of the law. Unfortunately, business owners and managers sometimes exacerbate a potential problem through a lack of understanding of their legal obligations to staff.

“The aim of the Wetherby HR Forum is to provide informed advice from the team and guest speakers on topical HR issues as well as providing an opportunity to speak with members of our team of experts about real employment concerns affecting their own businesses.

“At our first forum, we will look at the risks and opportunities created by social media in the workplace. Despite a number of high profile cases and the increase in social media policies, the number of offences involving social media continues to increase, causing harm and upset to all involved and often leading to the loss of employment and reputational damage to the business. We will consider the pros and cons of social media using real life examples to help you understand how you can deal with a problem that shows no sign of going away.”