Leeds locale boasts UK’s largest retail solar system

Leeds locale boasts UK’s largest retail solar system
Credit: Shutterstock.com/ franco lucato

A retail facility in Leeds can now lay claim to being the site of the UK’s biggest solar photovoltaic system at a retail park.

The installation – comprising of 2,902 individual panels – was overseen by commercial property company Landsec.

Situated on the roof of the White Rose shopping centre, the solar system will generate 680,000 kWh of power a year – enough to power over 200 UK homes for a year.

The PV will supply 39% of the daytime electricity used in the mall areas of the centre.

In its first year, the system will reduce carbon emissions at White Rose by 250 tonnes – equivalent of over half a million miles of passenger car emissions.

The PV will maximise on-site renewable energy generation, reduce electricity consumption from the grid and deliver significant financial benefits to retailers based at White Rose.

The PV was installed over a period of six weeks by Nottignham’s EvoEnergy.