PwC reveals non white workers earn less at their firm


PwC have revealed, in a self survey, that non white workers at the professional services firm in the UK earn up to 13% less than other employees.

The firm said it has published its own report on Black, Asian and minority-ethnic staff (BAME) workers to help the firm tackle “ethnicity challenges” and speed up progress on the issue.

The report explains BAME workers were statistically paid less because more of them worked in administrative and junior roles.

In a statement to the press chairman Kevin Ellis says: “The more transparent we are with our diversity and social mobility data, the more we hold ourselves accountable to achieving real change”

PwC has volunteered the information with no regulations from government or other bodies to do so. The firm has been refreshingly forthcoming about gender and racial diversity in its workforce and was one of the first to publicly report its gender pay gap analysis some three years ago.