Theakston increase capacity with further investment


North Yorkshire’s T&R Theakston are stepping up production following further investment at its Masham site.

The company are installing an additional multi-role vessel as part of a decade-long capital investment programme, enabling the family owned company to increase capacity and flexibility and improve efficiencies.

Made by Leeds-based PPF Ltd, the stainless steel container will be used for a variety of different processes including fermenting, conditioning and storage.

T&R Theakston Executive Director Simon Theakston said: “Thanks to growing demand for our products, both at home and abroad, we are brewing more beer in our brewery in Masham than ever in our 190-year history.

“The installation of this vessel will give us significant extra overall capacity and also the flexibility to brew an even greater range of both our permanently available and specialist cask and keg brands.

“Previous investment at our brewery has included renewing chilling equipment, replacing pipework and installing new conditioning tanks and cold filtration units, all done to support the original brewing vessels still in every-day use.

“The renaissance of cask-conditioned and modern craft ales has given our superb brewing team a golden opportunity to experiment with different hops and malts from the UK and indeed from throughout the world.

“In turn, this has allowed us to significantly expand our range of beers, and introduce new lines which have quickly established themselves as firm favourites with cask and craft ale aficionados.”