West Lindsey signs four new apprentices


West Lindsey District Council has signed four full time apprentices to work in IT, customer services, business administration within the growth and regeneration and housing teams.

Luke Nelson (19) is studying an apprenticeship with the Growth and Regeneration Team has been working at the council since January this year.

He said: “There are so many benefits to joining an apprenticeship scheme, you gain the qualifications whilst earning money and working in an environment where you want to be.”

Luke did not know which direction he wanted his career to take – although he had always managed to find employment.

He said: “My sister Becky, suggested I explore apprentice opportunities to understand what was available. I loved the idea of working for the local council, which is currently doing a lot of exciting regeneration work in the district.”

As part of national apprenticeship week, Luke is urging others to follow in his footsteps. He said: “If I could say one thing to new apprentices, I would say that apprenticeships are a really good opportunity, so you should do it! You learn new things and meet the best people. I’d like my apprenticeship with the council to lead to a job here in the projects and growth team, as I love working here and really want to stay.”

Holly Hansard (17) is studying a Business Administration Role in the Home Choices Team and saw the opportunity on LinkedIn.

She said: “The best thing about working here at the council is gaining an insight into the challenging cases the Home Choices team deal with. It’s really great to see the positive outcomes the team produces for each household.

“Apprenticeships are a great way to learn and practice within an organisation you want to be a part of. I really hope it will give me the opportunity to widen my understanding and hopefully enable me to progress within the council.”

The council has invested in apprentices for a number of years, many of which have managed to secure full time employment afterwards.

Cllr Reg Shore, member champion for young people and skills at West Lindsey District Council was delighted to see more apprentices recruited. He said: “I am proud of the fact that West Lindsey District Council is leading the way in terms of recruiting apprentices. We are passionate about supporting the learning and development of individuals and this provide great opportunities.

“Our apprenticeship scheme gives local young people their first step on the career ladder. They gain experience and qualifications which help them to find permanent jobs.

“For the council, apprenticeships provide an opportunity to bring in new talent and support and develop them. It’s also great to know that many of the apprentices eventually take up jobs with the district council.  I am also very impressed to see many of our top engineering companies are also looking for apprentices as part of the newly formed Made In Gainsborough group.

West Lindsey District Council has worked with the group, some of which are Europe’s leading engineering companies who are looking to recruit in Gainsborough.

Eight top engineering firms who are passionate about developing people have come together to form Made in Gainsborough, to promote the benefits of apprenticeships within the industry.

Together the partnership is working with Gainsborough College, which is creating a new centre of engineering excellence in the town. Students could be employed by top Gainsborough firms while they develop the skills they need to build lasting careers.

The two-year programme starts from September this year.