Who said us journalists have it easy?


Anyone that thinks us journalists have it easy should take heed of a recent scientific paper that seems to suggest we’re a bunch of sleep deprived, anti-depressant dependant alcoholics.

Of course we’ve paraphrased somewhat – as that’s the other thing us journalists are pretty adept at – the actual words of the study are: “Journalists are undoubtedly subject to a range of pressures at work and home, but the meaning and purpose they attribute to their work contributes to helping them remain mentally resilient despite this”.

And, though the report doesn’t reveal exactly how much the average journo drinks, few in the industry would correct me when I say its more than the odd glass. The report politely says,  “Forty-one percent of participants drank an average of four units of alcohol above the recommended weekly allowance and less than 5 percent drank the recommended amount of water”.

Perhaps the clue to how this particular study was going to turn out might have been evident when researchers spotted that almost half of those who applied to take part were excluded due to anti-depressant use.

Thank you Tara Swart, a London-based neuroscientist, for telling it how it is. As my wife will probably testify, we work around the clock and drink to excess, and I’m betting I’m not alone in that. In fact, I’ve a feeling this is what drew most of us to being a journalist in the first place.