York Handmade keystone in design tech centre

York Handmade keystone in design tech centre
Artists's impression of the new Art and Design Centre

York Handmade Brick Company has supplied bricks to the Design Technology Centre at Pocklington School, near York, in a contract worth £78,000.

The manufacturer supplied 31,000 bricks for the exterior of the new £2.5 million building, together with 4,300 terracotta tiles for the interior floor.

Chairman David Armitage said: “We were commissioned by York architect Simon Mitchell, who has used our products on several projects before, to create a bespoke design of our Onda terracotta tiles, which have been used on 210 sq metres of internal flooring.

“The design of the tiles is based on a 330mm diameter circle with two sides inverted to create an interlocking ‘wave’ type pattern, all in the natural looking material of York Handmade terracotta made from our own local Vale of York clay.”

The original 1969 Art and Design Centre, a single-storey structure out of keeping with the rest of the school, has been removed to make way for the new building, which will be completed by November.