Yorkshire entrepreneur launches novel solution to rising litter issue

Yorkshire entrepreneur launches novel solution to rising litter issue
(L-R) Jim Coleman and Andrew Malcher of High Street TV with Gordon Black and Elefoot

A Yorkshire entrepreneur has joined forces with Harrogate-based multi-channel retailer High Street TV to create a handheld waste compressor to tackle the increasing litter problem which is blighting Britain.

Gordon Black CBE, former chairman of Keighley-based Peter Black Holdings, has invented the Elefoot, designed to stamp out overflowing household bins and wheelies.

Elefoot has now been launched by High Street TV, the Harrogate retail business which has turned Mr Black’s idea into reality.

Mr Black said: “I believe the beauty of Elefoot is its simplicity. It is a sturdy, fully-assembled easy-to-use, handheld waste compressor that enables you to generate more space in your bins whilst protecting your hands from coming into contact with the contents. It’s easy to clean and very hygienic.

“It comes in two sizes. The larger Elefoot compresses bin bags, recycling and garden waste in outdoor wheelie bins and the smaller Elefoot does the same on household and food waste, which generates more room in internal bins.

“In essence, it condenses excess pockets of air, making it easy to squash that overspill, to fit even more rubbish inside and completely close your bin lid. With cuts in bin collections becoming an increasingly common problem, and councils often refusing to empty waste bins which aren’t completely closed, Elefoot is the ideal solution for households generating an increasing amount of waste and struggling with the overflow.

“The advantages are many. Elefoot contributes to cleaner and tidier backyards, driveways and neighbourhoods. It is a hygienic, mess-free and odour-free solution, helping prevent vermin, birds and cats getting into your waste. There’s no need to worry about being fined if your bins are closed, while the smaller Elefoot generates more room in inside bins, reducing the frequency of trips to the outdoor bin.”

Jim Coleman, Chief Executive of High Street TV, added: “It is estimated that £1 billion of local government money is spent on collecting litter every year.  It therefore follows that less litter means more much-needed money for education, the police and social care – and would also help to keep Council Tax low.

“There’s also no doubt that the litter problem will get worse, as on-line companies such as Amazon create more and more packaging, while local councils are under increasing pressure to cut costs. It’s a vicious circle. The beauty of Elefoot is that it tackles this problem head on – and helps to solve it.”