Aggreko helps Five Star Fish maintain its cool during cold room refurbishment

Five Star Fish, part of the 2 Sisters Food Group, has completed a cold store refurbishment at its Grimsby production site with support from temporary power and temperature control hire specialist Aggreko.

Rotormotion, who are engineering consultants for Five Star Fish, appointed Aggreko to design and implement a complete temporary cooling scheme. This enabled a total shutdown of the permanent cooling plant as part of the 13,000 cubic metre cold store upgrade and maintenance programme,

The 150kW @ -18°C scheme used Aggreko’s Very Low Temperature Fluid Chillers, which are designed to offer intensive cooling in the -10°C to -40°C temperature range. The specialist chillers were combined with air handling units and ancillary equipment, and powered by two Aggreko diesel generators with a combined output of 500 kVA.

To optimise space and minimise business disruption, the interlocking air handling units were stacked three high in the cold room, while the containerised chillers and generators were located externally.

Aggreko’s telemetry technology remotely monitored all equipment round the clock to relay critical information, such as pump performance, fuel levels and consumption rates, load monitoring and diagnostic checks. Any alerts were received by Aggreko’s local engineering team, who could quickly respond if required.  Aggreko also provided a full fuel management service.

Following a site visit, Aggreko’s engineer worked with Rotormotion’s Food Division and the engineering and warehouse managers from Five Star Fish to design the temporary cooling scheme, which was fully approved, installed and commissioned within 72 hours of the initial enquiry. This quick turnaround enabled Five Star Fish to fast track the refurbishment programme and fully test the Aggreko cooling package before switching off their equipment.

Six weeks later, once the refurbished cooling plant was fully tested and re-commissioned, the Aggreko cooling and power infrastructure was disconnected.

Peter Adams, Managing Director of Rotormotion, said: “Our Food Division has worked with Aggreko before, therefore we knew they had the specialist knowledge and reliable technology to provide temporary cooling for this challenging project. They were able to maintain the ambient temperature our client required to keep their fish products in perfect condition and design an effective solution that avoided business disruption.”