Andel invests £350k in eco-friendly waste tankers

Andel invests £350k in eco-friendly waste tankers

Andel, a Huddersfield-based manufacturer of specialist in-building water, oil and gas leak detection systems, has invested £350,000 in the first of a series of new generation tankers that separate drainage for waste disposal.

The green tankers more efficiently separate oil from water and therefore reduce waste being sent for disposal, having a positive impact on the environment, Andel said.

Across the UK there are tens of thousands of oil-water interceptor separators connected to surface water drainage. However, the two new green tankers Andel has invested in separate almost all the oil from water by retaining it and letting the water run-off harmlessly.

“These new tankers are not only better for the environment, but mean cost-savings for our clients,” said Mark Harris, Commercial Director at Andel.

“The tankers are more efficient so they only remove waste and not excess water which means our clients only pay for the disposal of actual waste.”