Batemans celebrates tenants at annual awards lunch

Batemans, the family brewer based in Lincolnshire, has held its annual Rewarding Success lunch for its tenants, with awards being given for Cellar Management, Publican of the Year, Charity Pub of the Year, Employee of the Year and Floral Displays, as well as in two new categories.

One of the two new awards this year was for Charity Pub of the Year, which was won by Jo-Anne and Barry Oakes from The Napoleon in Boston. Jo-Anne and Barry received £1,000 in holiday vouchers for their superb Charity Work during Batemans Big Week, held last May. They held a highly successful Human Jukebox fundraising event to raise money for Lincolnshire charity, Linkage. This was a stand-out event of the week; customers were able to pay for a song to be sang by a live musician, and if other customers did not like the song, they were able to pay for it to be stopped.

The second award introduced this year was the Batemans Employee of the Year award. The recipient of this award was nominated by Batemans tenants, and was won by the brewery’s hugely popular telesales worker, Andrea Brummitt. Other winners at the event, which was held at brewery’s Visitors Centre and attended by over 50 tenants and their partners, included Tom and Paula Renshaw at the Horse & Waggon in York for the Publican of the Year, and Joanne Buckland from the Kings Head in Horncastle, who won the award for Cellar Management for the third year in a row.

In addition, Maggy George and Colin Drury from the Ship Inn at Chapel St Leonards were recognised for Floral Display & External Appearance at an Urban pub, Neil and Adam Brown at the Willoughby Arms in Willoughby near Alford were winners of Floral Display & External Appearance at a Rural pub and Rob and Renata Finley, from The Bell Hotel, Burgh Le Marsh won the award for their winter Floral Display & External Appearance.

Stuart Bateman, Managing Director of Batemans, commented: “We are so proud of all our tenants and everything they achieve, and the Rewarding Success lunch is a real highlight of our calendar at Batemans. We were particularly keen to add some new categories this year to reflect the hard work our tenants do to raise money for charity, and the dedication of our brewery team. When it came to The Employee of the Year Award, it was really important to us to let the tenants themselves decide who they think deserves the award – as they are the ones who have so much day to day contact with our staff.

“We are looking forward to continuing to work with our tenants into 2016 and beyond. We are confident that our tenants will continue to achieve excellent results, and so we look forward to next year’s awards already!”