BHP to have two joint managing partners

From left: Hamish Morrison, Lisa Leighton, and John Warner

Next year BHP managing partner John Warner is to make way for two people to jointly take over his role.

Audit Partner Lisa Leighton and Corporate Finance Partner Hamish Morrison will be taking over at the helm of BHP as Joint Managing Partners from 2019.

John said: “At BHP we embrace change, that’s why we continue to thrive. Our 150 years longevity is built on solid foundations and robust succession planning. This, coupled with our ability to continuously innovate, adapt and lead, is how we stay at the forefront of our industry.

“I will remain active in the firm and become Senior Partner for the foreseeable future, but I will hand over the reins of running the business in its entirety to Lisa and Hamish as Joint Managing Partners.

“Both 44, Lisa and Hamish have already been actively involved in the strategic and operational management of the business for several years. They have excellent knowledge, skills and experience across all service lines and operational divisions. They will bring a new wave of inspiration, dynamism and momentum.”

Hamish joined EY in 1999 and has over 20 years’ Corporate Finance experience, expertise and insight. He has been a partner at BHP for over seven years, and currently heads up the Leeds Office and is a key member of the Corporate Finance team.

After graduating from Sheffield University, Lisa joined BHP in 1995. She became a partner in 2011 and Group Head of Audit in 2015 aged 41.

John added: “Lisa and Hamish are BHP through and through. I am delighted that they will lead the firm, its five offices and our growing team of 350+ professionals into 2020. The pair will bring a new energy and drive to the firm and the whole industry.”

Lisa said: “BHP has always embraced innovation and improvement. We are independent and nimble: that’s how the firm has survived. We pride ourselves on being pioneers.”