Business Link sponsors IoD Director of the Year Awards 2018

Business Link Magazine is proud to be sponsoring the IoD Director of the Year Awards 2018 – a  celebration of the achievements of the region’s most hardworking and innovative business leaders .

The aim is to raise awareness among not only IoD members but also the wider business community and public of the significant contribution business leaders can make to society and to economic prosperity in our region.

The categories and criteria are as follows:

Director of the Year – Emerging
This award recognises innovative leaders of new or established businesses who have operated at director level for less than two years and demonstrated the potential, ability, ambition, creativity and vision in their business.

Director of the Year – Non-Exec
This award recognises individuals that have made significant contribution to the organisation’s strategy, impacted on the financial success of the company, demonstrated high ethical standards and promoted the practice of good corporate governance.

Director of the Year – Early-Stage Business
This award celebrates the potential that exists within leaders of the UK’s most promising start-ups. Focusing on the market opportunity identified, the model to capitalise on it, and how it has been executed within the first 18 months of trading.

Director of the Year – Public/Third Sector
Open to directors whose business is a charity or not-for-profit organisation, which can generate a surplus, but exists to service the good of the community.

Director of the Year – Global
This award recognises international business leader with credible development plans in place to build on its company’s success. The leader will operate across borders and could be in any industry sector, but is likely to be gaining market share due to strong international growth from a great product or service.

Director of the Year – Inclusivity
This award recognises leaders who can demonstrate that they have specific initiatives already in place to promote diversity and inclusion.

Director of the Year – Innovation
This award recognises leaders that have developed an innovative and transformational idea that displays creative thinking and that has beaten the competition and been developed and applied to improve commercial performance, operational effectiveness or customer engagement.

Director of the Year – Corporate Social Responsibility
This award is aimed at leaders who can demonstrate how they integrate the success and smooth running of their business with a strong sense of responsibility and consideration for their role as a corporate citizen.

Director of the Year – Family Business
This award recognises individuals in second-generation or more, family businesses who have responded to the specific challenges that face directors in family firms and who have contributed to the success of the diverse, dynamic and innovative family business sector.

Chairman’s Award for Excellence in Director and Board Practice
This award is the highest accolade in the Director of the Year Awards, recognising the personal imprint of the UK’s most high profile leaders on the culture and success of their organisation’s through the implementation of good governance.

There are a number of great reasons to take part -heres just the top 5:

The benefits of entering the IoD East Midlands Director of the Year Awards, extend far beyond the recognition and prestige associated with winning one of the Award categories.

  1. Invaluable positive press coverage opportunities to help raise your business profile throughout the entire Awards process
  2. Gain recognition from your peers and celebrate your business achievement
  3. Influence potential investors and stakeholders and increase your business growth
  4. Boost staff morale and attract new high-quality staff
  5. Network with fellow business leaders

Attended by business leaders, entrepreneurs, government and media representatives, the annual Awards has recognised directors from diverse regional businesses across all of the East Midlands branches (Leicestershire, Greater Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire. Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire).

Sponsorships are also available and by partnering with the awards, companies will receive the following benfits:

Gain credibility and prestige
Align with a campaign run by the only organisation to represent and set standards for business leaders nationwide.
Align with excellence
Sponsoring the IoD Director of the Year Awards creates unparalleled opportunities for your business to engage key business communities, position your brand and network.

Reach your target audience
Our diverse business community is made up of entrepreneurs, SMEs, social enterprises, family businesses and the FTSE 100.

Networking opportunities
The Director of the Year Awards ceremony gives you an unparalleled opportunity to connect with some of the most renowned business leaders across the UK.

Return on investment
The Awards marketing campaign reach is more than 250,000 views across the region, demonstrating remarkable value for money.

If you would like to get involved by sponsoring the IoD East Midlands Director of the Year Awards 2018, then please contact one of the team below for more information:

Ron Lynch | | 0115 848 6190 | 07939 584 626

Sue Charlesworth | | 07939 584 962