Clydesdale Bank holds Business Week

The main speaker at the event, which was held at the Lincoln Hotel, was John Giles, a divisional director of Promar International, the UK’s largest agricultural and agri-food consultancy, who has worked in the food chain industry for 24 years.

Katy Simpson, Head of Clydesdale Bank’s Business and Private Banking Centre in Lincoln, said: “Over the last few years Clydesdale Bank has organised an economic update for farmers in Lincolnshire. This year, however, we decided to do things a little differently and we asked John Giles along as the key note speaker at a dinner for invited guests.

“John is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the key drivers of the UK and global food markets and he was able to provide the audience with much food for thought. His talk focused on the underpinning values behind the world’s most successful agri-food sectors but he also explained the ways in which our customers could innovate – exploring export opportunities and leveraging the ‘home-grown’ nature of their business, for example – to set themselves apart.”

John Giles added: “In most categories, the UK is around 1% of world production yet the UK is the 9th largest food market in the world. While this presents a large potential opportunity for British farmers, it also makes the UK market attractive for other producers in the rest of the EU, Asia, Latin America and Africa. So UK food producers need to be at the top of their game and not assume the market is theirs by right. We should welcome in external investment to both our farming and food sectors alike to retain our competitive edge against fierce international competition.”
The theme for Clydesdale Bank’s Business Week was ‘Growth Through Innovation’, a positive and forward thinking approach to inspire businesses across the UK. Over 200 events took place across the country, from breakfast meetings to flagship events, with an impressive line-up of innovative speakers.