CRAMS’ technology frees FM professionals from H&S administration

CRAMS' technology frees FM professionals from H&S administration

With manual H&S processes creating mountains of unmaintainable paperwork, there’s good news for controlling mangers. Cutting-edge technology can now be used to improve safety across a range of sectors.

CRAMS’ innovative Real-time Health and Safety Management software, developed by growth orientated developers Genilogic, help clients take charge of conforming to the regulatory demands of the Health & Safety at Work act 1999, providing everyday guidance and measurable outcomes.

Tim Chadwick, Director of Scarborough-based CRAMS, said: “CRAMS’ assist organisations to create and manage COSHH, site, task and people specific risk assessments and method statements in 56 languages, whilst also offering integrated H&S competency training.

“Being cloud-based means, you can access the information, anytime, anywhere from any device. CRAMS provide straightforward solutions that keeps the world at work safe and by maintaining a clear focus on customer’s needs, it helps us drive ongoing design.”

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