Drax People Director wins seat on CBI Employment and Skills Board

Samantha Brook

Drax Group Plc’s People Director Samantha Brook has been appointed to the CBI’s Employment & Skills Board.

Under the new role she will be part of the CBI’s policy and campaigning work around the labour market, education and skills, employment law, employee relations, pay, pensions and health & safety.

She said: “This is a great opportunity to play an important part in helping the CBI to enable British businesses everywhere to succeed. I look forward to providing insights from the energy industry to help the CBI to devise and deliver its work plans for the benefit of its members.

“As well as providing valuable insights gained during my own career, I’m looking forward to extending my own knowledge and experience by collaborating with key policy makers and business leaders on important policies and campaigns during this unprecedented time for the UK.”

The CBI speaks on behalf of 190,000 businesses of all sizes and sectors, employing nearly 7 million people, about one third of the private sector-employed workforce. It works with policymakers to deliver a healthy environment for businesses to succeed, create jobs and ultimately, drive economic growth and prosperity.