Engineering & manufacturing skills body rebrands for sector’s future

Credit: SasinTipchai

The Semta Group, the skills body supporting the UK’s engineering and manufacturing sector, has rebranded as Enginuity, prioritising data to meet the sector’s challenges and opportunities.

Engineers are at the forefront of tackling many of the biggest societal challenges we face today. At the same time, Industry 4.0 is rapidly changing manufacturing and engineering.

To seize the commercial opportunities these challenges and this change creates, the UK manufacturing and engineering sector needs to adapt fast. Individuals, SMEs and large employers need to be able to see and develop the skills that will allow them to flourish, now and in the future.

“Digital technologies can discover and identify young people who have the aptitude for a career in engineering and manufacturing,” said Ann Watson, Chief Executive of Enginuity.

“New platforms can help individuals make currently unaccredited skills visible to employers, and suggest where they need to upskill or reskill.

“Better data about the skills employers need today and tomorrow, can open an individual’s career path into a universe of opportunities, with more routes to fulfil their potential, with more employers, in more areas.”

She added: “Our Enginuity in marrying our existing engineering expertise with ingenuity with data is how we will design and constantly improve solutions that provide a great user experience for employers, educators and individuals.

“It’s how we will create new products and services that are easy for employers and educators to integrate. It’s how we will prove the business case for engineering skills development.”