£850k equipment investment for North Yorks engineering firm

£850k equipment investment for North Yorks engineering firm
Credit: Shutterstock.com/ Ink Drop

Econ Engineering, a North Yorkshire company responsible for 80% of the winter maintenance and repair vehicles on Britain’s roads, has invested £850,000 in new equipment.

The new last cutter will not only significantly increase throughput in the company’s engineering workshop, it will also reduce its carbon footprint.

The new cutter uses nitrogen in the cutting process as opposed to oxygen, which will increase cutting speeds by up to 600 per cent on metal with a thickness of up to 3mm and 400% on materials 4mm to 10mm.

Cutting with nitrogen rather than oxygen eliminates the carbon edge on cut mild steel profiles, this in turn gives improved weldability and provides a cleaner surface for paint adherence and, therefore, increases the durability of the painted product.

With the new machine using only 50kw/hr of electricity against 98kw/hr, this will save approximately 75 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

Colin Trewhitt, Econ Engineering’s Factory Manager, said: “On average, we laser cut some 9,000 components every week, ranging in size from 100x50mm to 5500x1800mm, in aluminium/stainless steel and mild steel, and between 25 and 30 tonnes of steel plate.

“The new machine will not only allow us to cut faster but will also use a fraction of the power, which was a key consideration for us.”