Free online guide offers mental health support to businesses

mental health
Dr Munir

A new online guide which allows employers and staff to talk about mental health has been made available to businesses across the UK.

The Return to Work guide gives bosses and their employees information, downloadable material and advice on how best approach absences and returns due to stress, anxiety or depression.

The website features templates for absence letters, facts about mental health, checklists for each stage of sick leave and a comprehensive guide for return to work, including exercises such as identifying work priorities.

Loughborough University’s Dr Fehmidah Munir,  who helped develop the toolkit, said: “Mental health affects one-in-six people in the workplace, so the likelihood is, that if you work in a large office, a number of your colleagues have been through or are going through mental ill-health.

“There are currently no resources for employers and employees to help with taking the initial first steps to discussing mental health, absences or returning back after leave.

“Our toolkit is aimed predominantly at SMEs, which often don’t have the resources in place to deal with staff mental health.

“The toolkit is free and has been created in a such a way that it allows staff and their employers to communicate about successfully progressing back to work after a period of absence.”