Fuelling a green revolution: Yorkshire eco-energy firm sparks into life

A Yorkshire-based wood fuel venture has been launched to help stoke the fires of a green revolution.

VerdEnergy based in Tockwith aims to become the pre-eminent supplier of wood pellets for boilers across the North of England.

Once a niche sector, wood fuel boilers can now be found heating the region’s homes, farms, schools, greenhouses, offices, swimming pools and hotels.

Helping guide the new company is Rudie Humphrey, from York, ex-Forestry Commission woodfuel chief for Yorkshire and the North East.  He explained:

“The woodfuel market has witnessed spectacular growth in recent years thanks to high energy prices, past Government incentives and demand for more eco-friendly alternatives to oil and gas. Now we are in a consolidation phase where we need to create reliable supply networks and develop expertise to maintain installations. Working with our partner, Duncan Renewables, we aim to provide a one stop shop for customers.  Together we can source, install and service boilers and importantly provide a Yorkshire-based supplier of fuel. We’ll be competing with national players whose trucks travel the entire country, but we will be local to our market making us a more reliable and knowledgeable option.”

VerdEnergy is BSL approved meaning that its pellets will be RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) compliant. In addition pellets meet EN-Plus standards denoting low moisture content and high calorific value.  Raw material will be sourced from FSC certified woodlands which meet the highest international environmental standards.

The main distribution depot is being built in Goole.

The firm’s focus is on providing the most flexible and responsive service to customers with a guarantee that new orders will be fulfilled within 48 hours.  Those who sign longer term contracts will benefit from remote monitoring and automated ordering, coupled with boiler maintenance contracts.   This space age telemetry is being used to make woodfuel a cutting edge and pain free option, as well as often being the most economic.

Rudie Humphrey continued: “Switching to wood fuel provides a host of benefits.  It creates extra demand for timber which mean woods can be actively managed and that’s better for wildlife.  In turn this provides jobs in the processing and distribution industries and cuts down on our use of greenhouse gas fuels.  It’s a virtuous circle and through our expertise and local supply network we are making the sector more resilient and sustainable.”

VerdEnergy will serve customers in the Yorkshire, Cumbria, the North East and North Midlands.