Private company saves Lincolnshire Police over £6m

Police forces in England and Wales could save £1bn a year if they followed the example of Lincolnshire Police in outsourcing backroom services.

John Shaw, the Managing Director for G4S public services has today called for a more nuanced debate about funding for police stating that the challenge for police leaders after the comprehensive spending review is more complex than a simple choice between cops and cuts.

The firm has been Lincolnshire Police’s strategic partner since 2012 and has delivered savings of more than £6m.  At the same time, there have been improvements in service and the force now answers 95 per cent of 999 calls within ten seconds compared with 88 per cent when G4S took over.

Shaw states, “Police forces have undergone significant changes over the past five years to play their part in reducing public sector expenditure and the central government deficit.

“There are hard choices ahead for police leaders and police and crime commissioners but the debate should be much more nuanced than a simple choice between cops or cuts.  In a world of shrinking budgets where the vast majority of budget is rightly spent on people, maximising performance and minimising spend on support functions allows forces to spend more on police officers so that they can continue to cut crime and keep the public safe.”

Lincolnshire Police signed a ten-year agreement to outsource 18 support functions to G4S in 2012 and as part of the deal the company much make continuous improvements throughout the life of the contract.

Photo credit: SergeBertasiusPhotography