Grimsby entrepreneurs open Lincoln Seafood Centre

(L-R) Kevin Gray, Harriet Hatcher and Mark Vanderville.

Entrepreneurs Kevin Gray and Mark Vandeville are out to catch the attention of county fish-lovers, after netting the opportunity to open a shop in Lincoln.

Chartered Surveyor Banks Long & Co announced that the Grimsby pair have snapped-up premises at the Whitefriars Business Park, off High Street, where they are launching the Lincoln Seafood Centre.

The move marks Banks Long & Co’s second successful letting at Whitefriars, which is conveniently accessible from the city’s High Street and which also opens into the Tentercroft Street Car Park.

Kevin and Mark have many years experience as fish traders, sourcing stock from the Grimsby Fish Market and coastal companies and offering wholesale deliveries across the UK and overseas.

Many years ago Kevin ran a successful retail operation in London, which included a fresh fish shop in Wembley, supplemented by three vans selling fresh fish on a door-to-door basis.

Mark spent many years deep sea fishing before moving into management at a larger wholesale fish processing company distributing all over Europe.

Changing times within the wholesale industry and a suggestion from Kevin’s son, Jason, who lives in Lincoln, led Kevin and Mark to realise they should start offering frozen, along with some fresh fish lines, to the public.

“Lincoln has changed vastly in recent years and has a very diverse market. We felt there was a great opportunity to offer everyone from housewives to students a wide range of fish products at very competitive prices,” says Kevin. “We looked around for about a year before signing-up for this shop, after Harriet Hatcher at Banks Long & Co alerted us to the fact that it was vacant. Naturally it was attractive from a financial point of view.

“Ninety per-cent of what we will be selling will be quality frozen fish lines, but we will also be offering fresh fish. The nature of our business means that customers will enjoy a changing choice, according to what’s available.”

That means the selection could include anything from haddock portions to breaded fish fingers, a delicious piece of smoked salmon or sea bass. Banks Long & Co Surveyor Harriet

Hatcher adds: “We are pleased to have assisted Kevin and Mark with their search for premises in Lincoln. The Whitefriars Business Park is in a busy location and is ideally placed to attract passing trade. This is our second letting there this year. In April, The Demon Barber of Lincoln, Phil Walters, moved into the unit next door to the new Lincoln Seafood Centre.”