Gripple companies choose their own for awards presented by EOA chief

Gripple Limited, the Sheffield-based group of 100% employee-owned companies, invited the chief executive of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA) to present awards to employees who had been nominated by their colleagues.

Deb Oxley hosted the first annual GLIDE Awards event held at Gripple’s training academy, GLIDE House where representatives from each Gripple company and invited guests enjoyed a splendid meal before the awards’ presentation.

A video was shown of a pair of finalists from each company with representatives explaining why they deserved to win a GLIDE Award. The winner was announced Oscar-style and presented with a glass trophy. A congratulations video from each company followed explaining why the winner had been chosen.

Deb Oxley said: “I was delighted to be invited to present at a company which is close to my heart and doing so much to support the employee-ownership campaign.

“Employee ownership is all about people, giving them a stake and a voice and letting them share in the output of their work which drives a huge impact on the success of their company. The GLIDE Awards are an excellent example of employees being judged by their co-workers and not by an anonymous group. I am honoured to be here and I congratulate warmly the winners.”

GLIDE is an acronym of Growth Led Innovation Driven Employee company limited by guarantee with a board which includes representatives elected solely by shareholder employees from each investee company for three years and up for re-election after this term.