Huddersfield-based lab equipment supplier opens US office

PBSC's new US-based office

Huddersfield-based laboratory equipment supplier, PBSC, has extended its reach with the opening of a new office in America.

Company owner Jamie Davis said the expansion was “a sensible next step” for PBSC, which supplies products and services to the pharmaceutical, medical research, high containment and hospital research sectors around the globe.

The company has worked within the US for several years and, according to Mr Davis, the new office will “heighten growth due to the strong economies and versatile industries”.

Claire Barber, Marketing Manager for PBSC, added: “Our team is very excited about our next step, 2019 was a very big year for us with the new branding and the development of our website and 2020 is set to be just as busy and exciting.

“The demand for our presence in America has come from our customers who drive our business needs and this feels like a natural fit for us”

PBSC Inc will be based at Braintree, Massachusetts and will work hand in hand with PBSC UK.