Humber region firm works with international security software provider

Tony Pearson

An engineer exchange between international security software supplier Sophos and Humber region IT specialist HBP Systems is helping to improve the company’s products for the end user.

Every month an engineer from each company goes to work with the other in a knowledge transfer scheme that helps both to help customers.

HBP Systems’ Operations Director Tony Pearson said growing awareness of the need for better cyber security on their own systems had led to significant sales growth for Sophos.

“But we take a people-centric approach to IT systems,” said Tony, “and a meeting with Sophos opened up the idea that we could work together to help end users of their software.

“We are all able to see things from the other’s point of view. In effect, we’re offering them a window on the real life experience of using their products. For example, we’re able to highlight that what might be a side issue for Sophos can manifest itself as quite a big deal for software users – and because it helps us to build better relationships at a personal level that’s a benefit for everyone.”

He said that for HBP Systems’ clients the result is faster access to Sophos, using direct links into the company built through the exchange, and that enhanced the quality of support the company was able to offer.

“We have plans in place to continue the exchange throughout the year. I would like to see us extend it into 2019 and beyond with Sophos, and I think there is significant benefit in setting up a similar arrangement with the other software suppliers we work with.”