Immingham delivers your Christmas – once again

Simon Bird

As 12th night approaches, the Humber ports can reflect on a Christmas safely delivered – again.

From the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square to the twinkling lights which adorn your house, without a reindeer in sight, the port brought you the Christmas that you know and love.

Simon Bird, Director for ABP Humber said: “The ports across our island nation really do keep our country running with an astonishing 95% of the UK’s trade being seaborne. The four Humber ports especially, located in Grimsby, Immingham, Hull and Goole see around 65 million tonnes of cargo being brought in and out of the UK.

He continued: “In Immingham, we handle every conceivable type of cargo and that becomes more evident at this time of the year.”

Throughout the year, Immingham port handles enough energy cargoes to keep one in 10 of the country’s lights on. The increased supply of biomass, a renewable commodity which is imported largely from North America in the form of wood pellet, is sent to Drax power station, four times a day via train. The pellets are then burnt in the newly converted generators, which creates electricity to supply the homes of the nation.

For the 70th year running, Immingham has also been involved in the safe delivery of Trafalgar Square’s very own Christmas tree. A gift from Oslo, Norway, the proud 20 metre tall tree is brought over from Scandinavia and is handled at Immingham’s port, before being transported to the south by road.

The bustling container terminal in Immingham, which handles 175,000 boxes each year, sees every conceivable toy come over the quay.

For the first time, the port that delivers Christmas has itself been decorated, bringing festive cheer to the thousands of people who work at Immingham.

The ports on the Humber continued to operate throughout this holiday season, with vessels being worked 24/7 to ensure that Britain keeps trading throughout the holidays.