Indian supply deal secured by York life sciences firm

Indian product launches for York biotech business
Credit: science photo

A York life sciences firm has signed a supply and profit sharing agreement for its SlimBiome weight loss product in India.

OptiBiotix Health said the agreement would grant Indian nutraceutical and herbal product manufacturer Zeon an exclusive licence to manufacture and supply SlimBiome in India in return for a 50% share of the profits.

Zeon would also cover the registration costs of SlimBiome and any products containing it with the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India.

OptiBiotix said the agreement would optimise its supply chain in Southern Asia by “leveraging Zeon’s purchasing power, manufacturing efficiencies and partner network” to scale up the manufacturing and supply of SlimBiome.

Stephen O’Hara, Chief Executive of OptiBiotix, said the firm had chosen Zeon due to their position as “India’s leading manufacturer of nutraceutical products, industry reputation, extensive national and international partner network, and their expertise in manufacturing high-value nutraceutical products”.

He added: “We believe partnering with Zeon is an important step in optimising the supply chain to facilitate the needs of existing and new corporate partners in India and Southern Asia and anticipate further announcements in due course.”