JCT600’s vehicle leasing division gains new MD

JCT600’s vehicle leasing division gains new MD
Current sales director Paul Walters (left) who will take over as managing director of JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions in January 2017, with retiring managing director Andrew Mann

Independent Yorkshire-based car retailer JCT600 has announced that the new Managing Director of its subsidiary company JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions (formerly JCT600 Contracts) will be current Sales Director Paul Walters.

Mr Walters takes over from Andrew Mann, one of the founding members, who is retiring after 28 years in the business.

Mr Mann was part of a small team which launched the leasing and fleet management business with the backing of JCT600 in 1988. Becoming Managing Director in 1996, he has steered the company, which predominantly serves SMEs, to its current fleet size of 7,000 vehicles and a 45-strong team based near Bradford.

With more than 26 years’ experience in the vehicle leasing industry, Paul Walters joined JCT600 VLS as sales director in December 2014 after a successful career at GE Capital where he held a number of senior sales positions in both its UK and International divisions.

Mr Mann said: “While I’m sorry to be leaving, having been here since the start of the company, I feel that I’ve probably contributed as much as I can. My colleagues, both in the company and in the wider JCT600 group, have done a great job working with me to build a thriving stand-alone business.  We’ve always been customer focussed and have worked hard to provide high quality services at cost-effective rates. I am particularly pleased to be leaving the company in the safe hands of Paul Walters and the management team.”

Mr Walters added: “I believe the next few years will see huge transformations in our market place and it will be those companies that are agile enough to swiftly adapt to these new opportunities that will reap the benefits.  JCT600 VLS is extremely well placed to do just that by being part of a successful dealership group, close to the manufacturers and the increasingly innovative technology they are introducing. In addition, being a family owned company, the decision process is fast and we can react swiftly to the quickening pace of change we all face.”

Mr Mann will retire at the end of December 2016 and Mr Walters will take on his new role from the beginning of January 2017.