Leading skin care brand owner invests in York aerosol valve firm

Beiersdorf, a provider of skin care products including brands such as NIVEA, has invested in York-based Salford Valve Company Ltd (Salvalco).

Founded in 2013, Salvalco develops valve systems, called Eco-Valve, based on prior research by the Spray Research Group at Salford University. The Eco-Valve technology allows eco-friendly inert gases such as nitrogen or simple fresh air to be used as propellants in aerosol sprays, thus enabling a more sustainable and safer alternative to conventional aerosol propellants.

The equity investment from Beiersdorf’s venture platform, OSCAR&PAUL Beiersdorf Venture Capital, underlines the company’s ambition in driving sustainable innovations under its new sustainability agenda and C.A.R.E.+ corporate strategy.

The partnership will support Salvalco’s further research and commercialisation of its Eco-Valve technology across the global aerosol industry while strengthening Beiersdorf’s footprint in sustainable packaging solutions.

Paul Martin, Chairman of Salvalco said: “We are thrilled to have Beiersdorf on board. We believe that by collaborating with this high-profile consumer goods expert, we will significantly expand the potential of our Eco-Valve technology and accelerate our impact within the aerosol supply chain – for the benefit of the environment, consumers, and the industry.

“This is the first of many exciting partnerships that the company is working on as we see interest in the Salvalco Eco-Valve technology gain momentum. The partnership is also a great demonstration of a shared commitment to supporting the environment and we look forward to welcoming others on that journey.”

Ascan Voswinckel, Head of OSCAR&PAUL Beiersdorf Venture Capital, said: “Salvalco is an exciting investment and fits with our recently extended corporate sustainability ambitions for a carbon positive future.

“In these very challenging times, we are particularly committed to investing in visionary and innovative companies. We are looking forward to supporting Salvalco in its progress and applying Beiersdorf’s industry expertise in making a positive impact.”

Michael Becker, Head of Global Packaging Research and Development at Beiersdorf added: “Our partnership with Salvalco provides significant potential to foster more eco-friendly aerosol innovations – across the global aerosol category as well as within the Beiersdorf portfolio.”