Lincoln Hospital switches to compostable coffee cups


BMI The Lincoln Hospital is ending the use of plastic and non-recyclable cups, and replacing them with recyclable and compostable versions.

Annually the hospital, in Lincoln, uses almost 11,000 single-use disposable coffee/tea cups and a further 3,667 water cups. By the end of this month patients and visitors will instead be offered recyclable paper water cups and compostable paper coffee cups, which break down within 30 days after use, leaving no adverse effects on the environment.

Jason Hession, Head of Hotel Services for BMI Healthcare, said: “Our previous tea and coffee cups were either Styrofoam or double-walled plastic-lined cups, while our water cups were plastic. None of these break down properly in the environment and we at BMI Healthcare share concerns over the effects of plastic on our wildlife, our oceans and in the food that we eat.

“By moving to the new recyclable cups, we hope to contribute to the long-term health of our planet and hope we inspire others to do the same. And, of course, we will continue to use, wash and re-use crockery as far as possible.”

The new cups are the latest in a drive to replace non-essential single-use plastics. BMI The Lincoln Hospital has already replaced plastic spoons with wooden stirrers.