Lincolnshire Co-op walks away with Environmental project of the Year award at major show

A local retailer is paving the way when it comes to environmentally friendly refrigeration after swapping to a new refrigerant gas – and Lincolnshire Co-op has won an award for the pioneering measures.

The first-of-a-kind fridges use the gas R449A, a new gas which has almost three times less potential to cause global warming than its predecessor.

Lincolnshire Co-op has rolled out these fridges to three of its newest stores in Newark, Gainsborough and Collingham, and the scheme has been recognised by the national ACR News Awards with the Environmental Project of the Year award.

The prestigious ACR News Awards recognise excellence in the air conditioning and refrigeration industries and winners received their trophies at a glittering awards ceremony.

Lincolnshire Co-op Store Development Manager Matthew Wilkinson said, “We’re very pleased and proud that our environmental efforts have been acknowledged.

“Reducing energy use is important to us; by looking after the local environment we can help to look after our customers and the communities that they live in.”

Lynn Sencicle, Editor of ACR News said: “In the Environmental Project of the Year category, what we’re looking for is unique ideas and Lincolnshire Co-op was competing against the whole industry.

“We look forward to seeing the Society roll this out to more food stores.”

Swapping refrigerant gasses is just one of the ways that Lincolnshire Co-op is green; it also recycles most waste, while solar panels on stores and LED lighting help to reduce energy consumption.

Between 2009 and 2015, Lincolnshire Co-op reduced energy use relative to sales by almost 26 per cent, thanks to measures like these and the hard work of a dedicated Energy Working Group.

The three food stores which currently use the new refrigerant gas R449A are Bowbridge Road in Newark, Collingham Food Store and Heapham Road in Gainsborough.