Humber ports to share in £3.14m for Brexit preparations

James Brokenshire

Almost 20 local authorities with major ports in their areas are to receive a share in £3.14m to help with Brexit preparations.

Each will receive £136,362 to the end of April for each major port of entry into the UK in their area. That covers Hull, Grimsby, Immingham and Goole, all operated by ABP.

This will allow them to increase their resources to work through the immediate impacts from Brexit in their local areas such as ensuring their port’s resilience and potential impacts of greater traffic to surrounding communities.

The allocations have been based on a number of factors including the amount of EU goods each port area receives into the country and its wider importance to the UK’s global trade network.

The funding is part of £56.5m announced by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government last month to help councils adapt to the changes caused by Brexit, ensuring their local authority is prepared ahead of 29 March, whilst also protecting vital local services.

An additional £1.64 million has been added from departmental underspends to bring the total funding available to local authorities with a port of entry to £3.14 million.

Communities Secretary James Brokenshire  said: “Local authorities have a critical role to play in making a success of Brexit.

“I am acutely aware a greater burden could be placed on the areas surrounding our ports. I have announced how we are allocating £3.14m to those areas considered to be under the greatest pressure from Brexit.

“I will continue to take the situation under review, working closely with local leaders to ensure they are prepared to respond to Brexit.

The local authorities which will receive funding are the East Riding of Yorkshire, City of Hull, and North East Lincolnshire.