Looking to the future as Focus on Success adds six new members

Back, left to right: Kevin Newson, Robert Marris, Andrew Knowles. Front, Left to Right: Meg Heath, Gary Lumby, Sarah Dunwell.

A North East-based management consultancy business has expanded significantly by taking on board six associate directors from across the North, including Yorkshire.

Focus on Success – whose overall approach is to improve businesses in the region – has appointed Bob Marris, Andy Knowles, Kevin Newson, Meg Heath, Sarah Dunwell and Lisa Lockey.

As experienced business owners and advisers themselves, the team will work alongside individual companies within their own areas of expertise, offering the help and advice needed to ensure each one is successful.

Managing director, Gary Lumby MBE, said: “We have been placing non-executive directors and chairmen into SMEs across the North East and Yorkshire for the last four years.

“The success of our appointments and the impact they have made on the businesses they are working with, means the demand for our services has expanded rapidly, with many more SMEs wanting to go down this route.

“SMEs and their professional advisors are starting to understand the benefits of having a non-executive director on their board – as part of an extended management team – and are realising this is a really low cost option to help grow any business.”

Between them, the six professionals boast a rather impressive skill set, with each member having been brought into the company to oversee a specific area of business.

Focus on Success has already hit the ground running and this month it will start working with York-based Novalux LED – a start-up company which helps businesses save money and energy by fitting offices with LED lighting.