Lord Haskins stepping down as Chair of Humber LEP

Lord Chris Haskins, chair of the Humber LEP

Lord Haskins has confirmed he is retiring as Chair of the Humber LEP after eight years in the role.

Although he originally announced his intention to retire back in September 2019, he agreed to postpone his departure in light of local authorities’ devolution discussions.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus crisis has developed and will have a serious impact on the Humber economy for years to come. The LEP has been co-ordinating local work to support businesses through the crisis, and is developing plans to help the economic recovery.

Lord Haskins believes that transitioning political arrangements around the Humber and managing the economic response to the COVID-19 crisis will take two to three years. He has therefore decided that this is the time for him to retire. An Interim Chair has no been appointed.

The Board has accepted his resignation, and in line with the established governance rules, have elected an Interim Chair.

Deputy Chair Stephen Parnaby OBE was the unanimous choice of the Board, and will be Interim Chair for the next two or three years.

A permanent appointment will be made once devolved arrangements in the Humber have been established.  Simon Clarke MP, Minister for Regional Growth and Local Government, has agreed to this proposal.

Lord Haskins will continue to contribute to the Humber LEP in different roles, with the Board requesting that he be involved with the LEP particularly with regard to its strategy for renewable energy development and clean growth.

“After over eight years it is time for me to step down as Chair of the Humber LEP. The years ahead will be critical for the partnership as it works to support the economic recovery in the region and evolves its role in light of the devolution negotiations that will take place. It will be important to have stability during this period,” he said.

“I am delighted that Stephen Parnaby has accepted the Board’s offer to become Interim Chair. As a Board member and Deputy Chair, Stephen has been an invaluable support to me and has the skills and experience to lead the LEP through this period.

“In a time of crisis places must pull together, so I hope the many businesses and other organisations which work with the LEP will give Stephen their full support and continue working hard together to help our region’s economy now and into the recovery.”