Marketing consultancy calls for businesses to rethink Christmas campaigns

A Leeds-based Marketing Consultancy is calling on businesses to be more aware of the community this year as they begin executing their Christmas marketing campaigns.

The Marketing Optimist wants all businesses to rethink the way in which they wish existing and prospective clients a Merry Christmas as part of their marketing campaigns, suggesting they opt for digital festive messages over impersonalised corporate Christmas cards.

Since 2016, Richard Michie, CEO of The Marketing Optimist has refrained from sending out conventional Christmas cards, donating the unspent money to local homelessness charity, Simon on the Streets.

Still spreading the festive cheer, he has instead developed digital campaigns, wishing clients and business associates a Merry Christmas via methods such as graphics, e-shots and videos.

He believes digital Christmas campaigns are a much more effective way to market your business and at the same time, are considerate of the environment.

Commenting on his approach, Richard said: “In 2016, it suddenly dawned on me that many of the Christmas cards I received were lacking festive spirit.

“Cards were often signed by people I’d never met and included some hidden reference to the services they offered. Sadly, most of them would end up in lying on my desk never to be read again.

“Rather than the cheer Christmas cards are supposed to spread, they made me sad to think about the wasted money that could have been better spent tackling the issues in our community.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m no scrooge, and I of course send cards out to family and friends, but as a business owner, I feel it’s my responsibility to ensure all of my outreach is considerate of the environment and my local community in some way.

“Homelessness is a massive issue in our city, and I feel that at Christmas time especially, businesses should get behind charities like Simon on the Streets.”

Simon on the Streets works with local people who are affected by homelessness and rough sleeping in Leeds, Bradford and Kirklees.

They provide street-support to individuals who have complex needs and cannot access mainstream services, due to behavioral issues or mental illness.

Over the past three years, Richard has donated over £2000 to the Leeds-based charity through various activities including three Christmas donations.