MBO completes at Leeds branding agency

MBO completes at Leeds branding agency

The senior management team at Leeds branding agency, Thompson Brand Partners, has completed an MBO.

The move saw the team take the reins of the company from founder Ian Thomson and MD Nick Ramshaw.

After building the company for 35 years, Mr Thompson is reducing his commitment to the agency to spend more time on his other interests.

Mr Ramshaw, meanwhile, will continue in his role for the medium-term, helping to ensure a smooth transition with no disruption to clients.

The new management team is made up of Chris Skelton, Paul McGuigan and Rachel Cook.

Mr Skelton continues as Digital Director and heads up the team and oversees all Creative and Design output. Mr McGuigan is responsible for brand strategy, whilst Ms Cook oversees client services and marketing.

“We’ve got nearly 20 years at Thompson between the three of us, so we know the business extremely well, including how much more we’re capable of,” said Mr Skelton.

“With a new burst of energy, and a particular focus on our growing our digital offering, we can push into some new and incredibly exciting areas of creative work.

“For us, it’s about building on all the strengths and heritage of the agency, whilst sharpening our focus for the future.

“Even with all the opportunity we see ahead though, we’re not losing sight of the core passions of the agency: branding and design. They are the disciplines the agency was built on and will always be central to what we do.

“We’re privileged to have Ian and Nick put their trust in us to carry on the 35+ year legacy of exceptional branding and design work at Thompson, and to have their continued support as we go into this exciting new phase in our history.”