Minister’s letter moves devolution ambitions forward in Yorkshire

Dan Jarvis

Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis and the four leaders of the South Yorkshire local authorities have been told by that he welcomes all parties coming together to put forward a pragmatic solution to implement the devolution deal and bring investment to the region.

Mayor Jarvis said: “This is a positive response from the Secretary of State and represents an important step towards the devolution of further powers and resources to communities across our region.

“It is however, important to remember that Devolution is a process, not an event. The Secretary of State’s letter provides the basis for further dialogue, with leaders locally and nationally and the opportunity to make further progress. Pragmatism, compromise, and a commitment to do the best for the people we represent will continue to be required on all sides.

“While those discussions take place, I’m getting on with the job. Tomorrow I’ll join delegates including our new Active Travel Commissioner, Dame Sarah Storey, at my inaugural Transport Conference, to showcase our ambitious vision for transport across our region.

“I’ve also launched a major independent review of our bus services, I’m using my position as MP to make our region’s case in Government, and I’m developing new partnerships across our region to tackle critical issues such as homelessness and excess winter deaths. Using the “soft” powers of my Mayoralty, I’m driving forward real changes that have the power to improve the lives and prospects of people from all our communities.”