More free advice for Yorkshire SME owners


Business leaders from the Leeds City Region have another chance to learn how to trigger significant organisational change with a human-centred approach to innovation, thanks to a second fully-funded event being held by design collective What Could Be.

The one-day immersion workshop on Wednesday 8th May will provide practical advice and design thinking methodologies that delegates will be able to use to approach almost any organisational challenge –ranging from cultural change and the redefinition of business purpose, through to product innovation or establishing wider marketplace competitiveness.

Nas Maqsood from Nestlé attended What Could Be’s first design thinking masterclass in February. Recalling the value of the event, he said: “The workshop provided a great opportunity to soak up and relay a wealth of information to the wider team, especially people in different departments in the business. We now have a toolkit to use as we tackle various issues, and because everything was so clearly communicated, I think non-designers can better understand the role that design thinking plays.”

Tim Preece attended the inaugural workshop because he and his fellow directors are currently establishing the foundations for a whole new way of thinking within their 100-year-old business, Sutcliffe Play: “It’s easy to liberate and improve products for clients. It’s far more difficult to work out what we don’t yet know. To establish a truly creative mindset, we therefore looked to learn more about design thinking, and we came away from the workshop armed with a far more logical approach as to what to do next.”