New HQ for recycling business Enviromail

New HQ for recycling business Enviromail
Enviromail directors Katy Swaby, Pete Lemon and Marisse Burton outside the new Enviro-Hub

Social enterprise and recycling business Enviromail is on the move, after continued expansion and investment has seen it outgrow its existing HQ.

The not-for-profit has bought and converted a 20,000 sq ft site at Studley Street, off Holderness Road in east Hull, into a new Enviro-Hub as it recycles waste materials from more than 400 small businesses in Hull and the Humber region.

The £275,000 investment in a new building includes exterior and interior refurbishment, new roof, an upgrade of the grounds, yard and drive, plus new IT systems.

Enviromail recycles glass, card, plastic film and confidential waste, using these services to train and educate the disadvantaged and long-term unemployed in skills applicable to the renewables sector and for general employment.

Enviromail’s move from its original Beverley Road base comes with the launch of its base as Enviro-Hub, an environmentally friendly green centre of excellence which aims to benefit local businesses.

Director Peter Lemon said: “We are in the middle of a period of continued, sustainable growth and had simply outgrown our old site. There’s materials coming in and out all the time and we are encouraging more and more local businesses to recycle their cardboard, office paper, plastic film and glass as well as utilising our confidential waste service.

“The aim with Enviro-Hub is to help and support these businesses while providing a variety of ongoing training services.”

The new facilities include a computer training room for 16 people, which will be the base for Enviromail’s WAMITAB training, plus a second training room, with a capacity of between six and 10 people, for more senior informal training including recycling and manual handling.

Fellow Director Katy Swaby added: “We are now able to bring our wagons straight into the factory to drop off any recycling for processing and have the space to store processed materials safely inside.”

Other new facilities include a new store room, new recycling store, mailing room for its contract mailing services, and a larger canteen dining area.

This follows a capital investment, supported by Green Port Hull, for a new custom-made ‘closed-loop’ glass recycler, where recycled glass is used by a third party for shot blasting, which is then turned into sand which is turned back into glass again.