Businesses brought together on climate emergency in new partnership

Bradford - Credit: Gordon Bell

A new partnership is being set up to bring Bradford’s major organisations together to work towards tackling climate change and improving the social and economic wellbeing of the district.

Bradford Sustainable Development Partnership will have members from local business, key organisations and Bradford Council.

The partnership, which will meet four times a year, will have an independent chair – Dr Stewart Davies. Dr Davies has been Chief Executive of two West Yorkshire-based companies and has also chaired and been a member of a number of environmental organisations.

Other members will include Morrisons, Yorkshire Water and Solenis (Bradford chemical company).

The partnership will work under the umbrella of the district’s Health and Well Being Board. It will advise and monitor progress on:

  • Reducing greenhouse gases
  • Improving other key environmental outcomes
  • Identifying and addressing climate, environment and related risks
  • Contributing to health, social inclusion and well-being issues
  • Developing a more circular economy (one which eliminates waste), productive and inclusive economy.

The expertise and knowledge of the partnership’s members will contribute to the work being done across the district to deal with climate change, future sustainable development, a healthier and greener future and to equip young people to live and work in a new green economy.

Dr Davies said: “I am delighted to have this opportunity to work with leaders of local businesses, key organisations and Bradford Council to really make a difference in reducing the impact the District has on the environment. Bringing together their combined capabilities and insights is a great way to find opportunities to go faster, better.

“The Sustainable Development Partnership will look to accelerate action on reducing carbon emissions and will also look at the economic opportunities which switching to a net zero carbon economy brings.”

Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe, Leader of Bradford Council, said: “This new partnership is another step in our work to tackle climate change which is a top priority for the district. The partnership includes some major businesses with a large footprint in Bradford and in the wider region. The members of this partnership each have specialist knowledge in their field and can offer a valuable perspective on this issue as well as introducing innovation.”