NGC trials work vans powered by natural gas

The North of England’s gas distributor, Northern Gas Networks (NGN), has begun trialling work vans powered by liquefied natural gas in its fleet with the aim of cutting fuel emissions and improving fuel economy.

The first vehicle, a VW caddy, was introduced earlier this month in Leeds and a second van is due to arrive in May. The vans are being put through their paces to see how they perform in a variety of work scenarios.

The trial is part of a wider project with Leeds City Council to construct a natural gas refuelling station in Leeds. Vehicles will refuel at Leeds City Councils refilling station as part of the arrangement.

Natural gas cuts particulate matter – which is very harmful to our health – by almost 100 per cent and nitrogen oxides by around 90 per cent. It also reduces carbon dioxide emissions by around a quarter.

Trent Mapp, fleet manager at NGN, said: “At Northern Gas Networks we want to play a key role in the future of gas by trialling new and imaginative projects that have the potential to help deliver a more sustainable future.

“New, sustainable forms of gas can be used for a range of purposes – heat homes, power vehicles and even run entire cities!  Although it’s early days, using natural gas to power vehicles presents an exciting prospect.”