Plans unveiled for sustainable development at Bradford treatment works

Plans unveiled for sustainable development at Bradford treatment works
Ariel CGI shot of the development

A sewage treatment works in Bradford could soon be the site of one of the country’s leading sustainable industrial and residential developments, according to Yorkshire Water after unveiling final details to local residents.

The 32-acre Esholt Waste Water Treatment Works site sits close to both Leeds and Bradford.

Thanks to advances in technology, the operational footprint of the works has reduced significantly over recent years, leaving large areas of formerly operational brownfield land redundant and unused.

Yorkshire Water, working with sister company Keyland Developments and a team of experts, has been developing the plans in consultation with the local community and unveiled the final plans at a public consultation event yesterday.

The plans, which include 150 new homes and a 100,000m2 innovative industrial development, will make the most of heat, power and water generated by the treatment works to maximise sustainability and attract businesses which can contribute to the ‘circular economy’ approach.

The plans will particularly focus on showing how homes and businesses can reduce their water consumption through innovative design, in a move that Yorkshire Water hopes will influence how developments in future can contribute to meeting the challenge of supplying a growing region with the water it needs, without impacting the environment.

The first phase of the scheme to be brought forward will be the residential development, which will feature 150 new homes, covering a wide range from 1 bedroom maisonettes to 5 bedroom detached houses, all of which will be designed to make use of local materials to ensure the development can sit comfortably with the nearby Esholt Village.

Following feedback from the local community, the plans will also include shared recreation spaces as well as sustainable transport routes to encourage walking and cycling through the site.