Pocketworks to develop cost-saving app for WasteCare

pocket works

Leeds-based app development specialist Pocketworks is to develop a new app for Yorkshire-based waste management company WasteCare to save hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

WasteCare operates nationally, collecting and recycling over 200,000 tonnes of hazardous and difficult waste on behalf of industry and commerce annually. It has 13 recycling centres, more than 450 staff and a fleet of 150 collection vehicles, serving more than 20,000 organisations throughout the UK, with full traceability for all waste collected.

This nationwide operation relies on efficient plans and processes in order to deliver impeccable customer service. Pocketworks will help the company digitise its processes, enabling back-office staff and drivers to manage their daily jobs via mobile devices connected to their vehicles tracking systems.

This modern way of working will drive efficiency by minimising unnecessary admin and paperwork. It’s predicted the new app will help drivers deliver one further trip per day, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds in time, and help the company maximise its green ethos by reducing paper usage. It will also ensure excellent customer service through push notifications and streamlined waste collection services.

Pocketworks will deploy an expert team to deliver results. The complex app will take three-five months to build and involve eight of Pocketworks team, from web, Android and iOS developers to designers, Quality Analysts, and the Head of Production.

MD Tobin Harris, said: “More companies are moving to a digital-first approach to business processes to become more efficient, save time and money and eliminate any wasted resources. We’re excited to help WasteCare achieve results and integrate their green business ethos by reducing unnecessary paperwork.”

Kyle Beachill, Senior Business Analyst at WasteCare said: “WasteCare prides itself on being a national recycling management company that is local to our customers. We have an outstanding customer service record and want to build on this by making our business practices smooth, quick and informative. In this digital age, moving across to an app-based management service was a no-brainer and Pocketworks was the obvious choice for us. It is a fellow Yorkshire business that operates nationally, and with experience of complex app builds across a number of industries with technical elements, we know the team will deliver a great product which is simple to use, to help us drive forward our business.”