Powerstar hosting energy seminar at Sheffield’s AMRC in November

Powerstar hosting energy seminar at Sheffield’s AMRC in November

On Friday 22 November, leading Sheffield-based smart energy solution provider, Powerstar, is hosting a complimentary breakfast seminar for professionals who are responsible for sustainability, energy or operational functions within local energy-intensive businesses.

The seminar is being held at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) at The University of Sheffield, a network of world-leading research and innovation centres working with manufacturing companies from all over the world.

The continuous increase in energy prices has driven an incentive for businesses to ensure efficiency in all areas with their use of energy, whilst also exploring new ways to achieve consumption and cost reductions.

Through the implementation of smart energy technologies such as energy storage, voltage optimisation, and smart distribution transformers, businesses have the opportunity to enhance their flexible use of energy to accomplish their short and long-term sustainability goals.

Throughout this seminar, leading energy experts from Powerstar will share key insights into the main components of a futureproof sustainable energy strategy, and how this can be achieved by combining technologies that provide tangible electrical consumption and cost reductions alongside additional benefits such as power resilience and enhanced flexibility.

This is particular important following ongoing pressures from the Government, media, and society to ensure all businesses are operating in an environmentally friendly manner.


In response, the energy transition is gathering pace as the outdated energy network undergoes significant change to become a decentralised energy network which maximises renewable and sustainable sources.

As a result of these pressures, many businesses are beginning to feel a duty and responsibility to adapt their business practices to ensure resilience, sustainability and cost reductions.

Businesses that this applies to should join Powerstar, a Made in Sheffield Accredited company, as well as other like-minded businesses, at this complimentary event to learn how to manage their energy usage whilst increasing efficiency, power resilience, and protecting corporate social responsibility.

Businesses in attendance at this complimentary event will gain invaluable insight into:

  • The future landscape of energy in the UK and the challenges and opportunities it provides to businesses
  • The key components of a smart energy strategy to ensure short- and long-term energy and sustainability objectives are met
  • How to manage external pressures to ensure businesses remain sustainable and environmentally aware
  • Real-life applications of businesses who have made significant energy and cost savings
  • The real-time insights available to businesses who deploy smart energy technologies
  • The cost benefits of implementing smart energy strategies and how smart energy technologies can be implemented without financial risk

To book a place for this seminar, interested parties should visit Powerstar’s online booking page. Alternatively, call the Powerstar events team on 0333 230 1327, or email events@powerstar.com.