Progress made in gender pay gap reporting

Progress made in gender pay gap reporting
Credit: Asier Romero

Major companies are making progress on gender pay gap reporting, according to the Government.

Recent figures show that if progress matches the same gains made over the last three years, then FTSE 100 companies are on track to meet the 2020 target.

“To hear some positive news emerging around the gender pay gap reporting is incredibly refreshing. The latest figures suggest that the reporting process is doing what it was set up to do and implementing great changes in archaic organisational structures,” said Shelia Flavell, COO of FDM Group, a professional services company with an office in Leeds.

“Achieving a 0% pay gap is an exceptionally difficult ask and is not always possible in large organisations however we must continue to try to push to this figure in order to achieve equality and diversity across all businesses and represent women throughout their careers.”